**Coronavirus statement**

Current Customers

We have started accepting bookings and we have been doing bookings throughout August & September, we are running at 30% capacity at the moment so our availability is limited. You are entitled to re book 18months after your original booking date.

New Customers

We are now accepting bookings as late as August 2021, we are asking for £100.00 deposit to be paid up front via PayPal, the reason for this is that this money remains in PayPal until your booking date and offers consumers (you) many benefits to keeping your money safe. Two weeks before the booking we will call you to take card details for the remains balance, this money is not deducted until your booking day.

New rules in place (Updated 14th September)

We have received legal advice and approval from our insurers to proceed with taking and operating bookings despite the new rule of six, we do not apply to this category as you are coming to an organised sport related event which we are hosting. Legally we can have groups of up to 30ppl though we are still limiting group sizes to 20ppl. To provide you with confidence in booking we have given you safer and more insured ways to pay as well as less payment up front.

Our procedure :

Contactless Booking

Contactless Payment (we send you a link to your phone)

Disclaimers contactless (we send you a slink to your phone)

We are using 1 piece of equipment per booking, therefore you will never share equipment with another booking.

For those who wish to have their own equipment throughout the booking, therefore not sharing with your group bubble we can provide this for you.

Contactless involvement from team leader, we have provided additional training to our staff to still provide adequate instructions but requiring no physical involvement from our staff.


Free reschedule up to 12months in advance for new customers.