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A little information on Bubble Football

Footie gets a bubble-shaped upgrade with Vertigo Zorbing. With torsos encased in a clear, protective sphere, players can hurl themselves into an hour-long game. Opposing teams will collide, rebound and roll head-over-heals as they battle for the win, safely cushioned by their inflatable body zorbs. Vertigo Zorbing has been running fanatics Bubble Football sessions across the UK and now in Australia since 2009!

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Bubble Football Whitley Hampshire

and a little bit more information

All the equipment is completely mobile so we can in fact come to you or choose from one our venues. Players do not need any skills of any kind to play therefore you can pick up said ‘skills’ in no time at all! It’s simple, safe and fun for all ages! Enjoy with friends, family or colleagues at work.

Bubble Football is best played with peeps ages 7 year and up, friends, relatives, colleagues and large groups of people. Where else could you run into Mum, Dad, your siblings or even your boss or the other way round and get away with it? Our Zorbs are the highest quality ensuring maximum safety re assured with our extensive insurance.

Still have some questions then feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

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Zorbing Games

Zorb Football

Two teams working together to try get the ball in the goal! Lots of colliding and dirty tackles!

Bull Dog!

Great British Bulldog, 1 person in the middle with other players running from one end to the other if you get knocked that person becomes a bull dog!

Relay Races

Simply a forward roll race! OR in groups of three you take in turn to go inside the Zorb with two people rolling it!

Last Man Standing

Now known as 'Last Person Standing', Each player for him/herself!