Water Rollers

Formerly WaterZorbing meet the new style of Zorbing on Water!

What are WaterRollers?

WaterZorbs with a face lift! The new WaterRollers are permanently inflated sausage shape spheres! Up to two people per roller, making them more enjoyable experience. The WaterRollers have a continuous air supply making them far safer that the WaterZorbs also meaning the Children can enjoy the experience longer.

Ideal for ages 6 and up.

Water Roller Hire
WaterRoller Hire Dorset

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How do they compare to Water Zorbing?

The main difference is that they are fully inflated at all times, and you simply jump into the middle. This means there is a better turn around with getting people in an out.

They are very safe, they are double skinned and there is a safety rope attached the WaterRollers at all times.


WaterRollers are great for Fundraisers, County Shows, Birthday Parties, Pool Parties

Prices from £300.00 including pool hire, please enquire for an accurate price.

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